Prediction of Brentford vs Fulham, The Long Wait of Both Teams To Be Able To Perform In The Premier League

Tiketp – The meeting between Brentford and Fulham will be the 2019/20 Championship playoff final match. The match will soon be held at Wembley Stadium on 5 August at 01:45 WIB.

Both teams are certainly equally eager to win the match so they can be promoted to the Premier League 2020/21. Because there will only be one team between Brentford and Fulham who will be promoted from the Championship this Season.

The Last Five Meetings of Brentford vs Fulham

In the last five meetings, Brentford was far superior when meeting with Fulham with a record of three wins over this. Meanwhile Fulham can only achieve two draws from the total meeting against Brentford.

The last victory that Fulham won was in a match that took place in November 2016. At that time Fulham who came to the headquarters of Brentford managed to bring home three points for defeating the home team with a score of 0-2.

Meanwhile at the last meeting, Brentford managed to pick full points when they travel to the Fulham base on June 20. A new goal was created at the end of the match and Brentford ended it with a score of 0-2 and also took home three points.

Last chance of Brentford promotion to the Premier League

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Brentford is just one step away from the Premier League by beating Fulham on Tuesday at Wembley Stadium. Although in the last five matches they performed poorly after receiving just two wins.

In five notes sbobet agent Last game, Brentford can only win two wins and win three defeats. Of course this makes Brentford must improve themselves in the back line that performed poorly in the previous game.

Even so, Brentford won the Championship playoff semifinal against Swansea City on 30 July. After losing one goal in the first leg, Brentford managed to reverse after the match with a score of 3-1 in the second leg.

Fulham's Positive Record Before Escaping to the Premier League

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Fulham Lucky can qualify for the Championship playoff final after losing in the second leg against Cardiff City on 31 July. Because the last match they had to lose to Cardiff City with a score of 1-2 and still winning 3-2 on aggregate.

Of course this also needs to be overcome by Fulham before they face Brentford on Tuesday. Excellent from the defense sector which is quite fragile in the last match against Cardiff City.

While in the previous five matches, Fulham had a positive result because it did not manage to beat the total matches. Three wins and two draws were won by Fulham before finally losing to Cardiff City on 31 July.

Predictions of the match Brentford vs Fulham

Brentford has many advantages When meeting with Fulham in the last few meetings. Although he has only won two wins in the last five matches, Brentford was still able to win at the meeting to get a new victory.

Meanwhile Fulham, who have a good collection in the last five matches, also have ambitions to win the match. Fulham still have a chance to win and qualify for the Premier League provided they can perform better in the last match.

Brentford and Fulham can only win one more win in the match that will take place at Wembley Stadium so they can be promoted to the Premier League. But it seems that Fulham can win with a thin score of 1-2 from Brentford and appear in the Premier League 2020/21.

Match Statistics
Head to Head Brentford vs Fulham match:
Last Five of Brentford:
7/30/20CHABrentford3-1Swansea City
07/27/20CHASwansea City1-0Brentford
7/18/20CHAStoke City1-0Brentford
7/15/20CHABrentford1-0Preston North End
Fulham's Last Five Games:
7/31/20CHAFulham1-2Cardiff City
07/28/20CHACardiff City0-2Fulham
07/23/20CHAWigan Athletic1-1Fulham
7/18/20CHAFulham5-3Sheffield Wednesday
07/14/20CHAWest Bromwich Albion0-0Fulham
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