Predictions of Brentford vs Swansea City, Bretford Must Win Victory To Participate In The Premier League

Tiketp – The meeting between Brentford and Swansea City will be the second leg of the 2019-2020 Championship playoffs. The match will take place at Griffin Park stadium on Thursday (7/30) at 01.45 WIB.

In the first leg Swansea City managed to win with a thin score of 1-0 from Brentford and stepped one of the 2019-2020 Championship playoff finals. Even so, Brentford still has a chance to qualify and qualify for the party, the Championship playoff final.

The Last Five Meetings of Brentford vs Swansea City

In the last five meetings, the City of Swansea has had three wins when competing against Brentford beyond this. While Brentford only won two wins from the total match and ambition to beat Swansea City in the next match.

Both teams have sufficient ability to be seen from the last meeting they had. Swansea City scored nine goals while Brentford scored seven goals in the last five meetings.

Even so at their last meeting in the Championship playoffs, Swansea City managed to win the match which took place on 27 July. A single goal from Andre Ayew managed to deliver the host to win with a thin score of 1-0 from Brentford in the match.

Brentford's Bad Record in the Last Three Games

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Brentford needs to win this match if you want promotion to the Premier League next season by reaching the 2019-2020 Championship playoff final. Because in the first leg they must be left with a 1-0 aggregate from Swansea City who will travel to their headquarters in the next match. Three successive defeats have been completed by Brentford in the last five matches beyond this.

In addition, from the three defeats that Brentford can only win one goal against the opposing team. While the opposing team managed to narrowly win by scoring just four goals against Brentford from the total match.

In the last match Brentford had to lose when meeting with Swansea City in the first leg of the Championship playoff. In that match, Brentford again failed to win after winning the match with a thin score of 1-0 from Swansea City.

Swansea City haven't lost in five away matches

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Swansea City accepted online slot gambling site has the advantage in the match first to win with a 1-0 aggregate score from Brentford. Of course when they travel to the headquarters of Brentford later they will again seek victory and advance to the Championship playoff final.

In the five matches played at the opponent's headquarters, Swansea City managed to achieve positive results without winning a defeat. Three wins and two draws were achieved by Swansea City from the total away matches.

In the last match, Swansea City won a landslide victory when they visited Reading's base which took place on 23 July. At that time they managed to conquer Reading as the host with a final score of 1-4.

Prediction of the match of Brentford vs Swansea City

Brentford did not have the advantage Swansea City had in the last few matches before the meeting. Nevertheless of course Brentford will try as much as possible to win the match and advance to the Championship playoff final.

But it seems that Swansea City will regain their victory right now having high confidence. The match between Brentford against Swansea City is likely to end with a thin score of 1-2.

Match Statistics
Head to Head Match of Brentford vs Swansea City:
07/27/20CHASwansea City1-0Brentford
12/26/19CHABrentford3-1Swansea City
10/23/19CHASwansea City0-3Brentford
4/19/19CHASwansea City3-0Brentford
2/17/19FACSwansea City4-1Brentford
Last Five of Brentford:
07/27/20CHA Swansea City1-0Brentford
07/23/20CHA Brentford1-2Barnsley
7/18/20CHA Stoke City1-0Brentford
7/15/20CHA Brentford1-0Preston North End
07/11/20CHA Derby County1-3Brentford
Last Five Swansea City matches:
07/27/20CHASwansea City1-0Brentford
07/23/20CHAReading1-4Swansea City
7/18/20CHASwansea City1-0City of Bristol
07/16/20CHANottingham Forest2-2Swansea City
07/12/20CHASwansea City0-1Leeds United
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